Accounts are the companies paying the bill. Accounts can have different kind of relations. Accounts can work with a B2B (Business to Business), or B2C (Business to Consumer) model or a mix of the two, JBA supports all of three.

In the CRM structure contacts are attached to accounts. JBA can share data directly with contacts. In the basic settings of the CRM choose for global sharing: yes or no. As soon as the global sharing function is activated a share button (icon and text) is available in the right corner next to the account name. By default, this button is set on 'share off'. If the button is clicked to "share", account data function is active. Data related to the account can now be shared with the customer, contacts.

An example of an Accounts list-view:

accounts listview

List views are straightforward (web responsive) views of information (Accounts in this case). The colored titles can be used to sort A-Z or Z-A.
Accounts, are accountable e.g. will receive your invoices as a legal entity. Accounts can be: companies, organizations. Accounts have contacts: people that represent the account.


An example accounts detail view

account detailview


The tabs at the bottom show the related items. By clicking on items you can "roller-coaster" through the application. This structure is consistently used in JBA.

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